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Why cold pressed?

Our passion is to produce the best juice possible. Our individually formulated cold pressed juices, nut m*lk blends and shots are handcrafted in small batches and immediately bottled, giving us complete quality control and you the best product possible.

We use a powerful stainless-steel hydraulic press to extract every last drop of pure juice from fresh fruit and vegetables. Cold pressing is a reassuringly slow process using pressure, not heat, to create a superior product. Oxidation is minimal so more natural vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes are retained. Pulp is removed and all that’s left is crisp vibrant juice.  Our nut m*lks (POW and REV) are simply blended with filtered water to create a rich, creamy base. Delicious ingredients are then added to create our unique formulations.

Once bottled, sealed products are submerged in vats of cold water where high pressure, (again, no heat!), is exerted. This method is called High Pressure Processing, or HPP. Microbes and pathogens can’t survive in this environment and the added benefit of this process is shelf life extension. Flavour and nutritional value from the important stage of cold pressing, remain intact.