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Who are Junius and what we are offering?

Junius is a multi award winning family owned food and drinks brand. Co-founder Maria King is certified from the world-renowned Institute for Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine looks at the whole body as interconnected systems and addresses chronic lifestyle diseases (including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer) at the root level through nutrition and lifestyle interventions, encompassing nutritional science and biochemistry.

We invite you to choose your health goal. Our recipes are uniquely formulated and have been devised to be deeply nourishing. The range divides wellbeing into seven colour-coded pillars to help people make informed choices on how to care for their health goal on any given day. Now you can target your health goals with our zingy ginger and earthy beetroot, helping feed the roots of your health.

From ZIP to ZEN at Junius now you’re able to choose your health goal. If your health goal today is CLEANSE + REFRESH you would choose from our SPA range and if tomorrow it is RESILIENCE + ARMOUR you would choose from our ZAP range of juices and shots. All our products are bursting with benefits.

We have simplified the complexity of the science of food into seven colour-coded pillars.

    We all have bio-individuality. This means we all have unique nutritional needs, and they can shift from day to day and season to season. One size does not fit all when it comes to diet or lifestyle. Honouring our bio-individuality helps us on our journey to thrive.