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Prebiotics and how they can support your immune system

Coronavirus has made many of us to turn to food to boost our immunity. In the last of this series, with Maria’s expertise as an Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) practitioner we look at how can you support your immune system in light of the Coronavirus:

“Ending this series, I look at Prebiotics and your immune system.

Did you know that 70 percent of your immune system cells are located in the gut?

Therefore, it’s key to have a healthy gut environment and that’s where probiotics come in. The ‘gut microbiome’ refers to the collection of bacteria that live inside our gut and it is has been shown to influence our immunity, for example through it’s ability to activate various key immune system cells, enhancing immune efficiency.

So, it’s important to ‘feed’ the beneficial strains of bacteria in our gut in order for them to continue to grow and thrive and exert their immune enhancing effects.

You can increase the beneficial bacteria in your gut by increasing probiotic-rich foods such as live natural yoghurt, fermented foods like raw unpasteurised sauerkraut and kimchi, kefir, tempeh, miso, natto, and kombucha. It’s also important to include plenty of PRE biotic foods as they provide the foundations for beneficial bacteria to grow and thrive on in your gut. Prebiotic foods include leeks, onions, garlic, Jerusalem artichokes, oats, flaxseed, and unripe (slightly green) bananas

Stay Alert & Stay Safe – Maria King, Junius Co-Founder, MSc Personalised -Nutrition . Maria is certified from the Institute for Functional Medicine . She is a BANT registered Nutrigenetic Counsellor.