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Junius Juice launch nationwide UK delivery

Coronavirus has presented challenges to almost all food businesses. Prior to the outbreak my own delicious and nutritious food-to-go business Junius had launched successfully with a pop-up at Fortnum & Mason in London’s Piccadilly during 2018. 

Since 2019 Junius had been catering at corporate events and delivering daily into workplaces across London feeding the roots of office workers’ health. Most recently, Junius was operating on the high street at Sourced Market offering food-to-go to Londoners. All of those office-based workers are now working from home and many cafes and stores are still closed.

So Junius had to re-look at what we could do to help at this difficult time. Firstly, we wanted to be helpful, so we are working with Here to Help London to offer 4 Nutritional Packs to Londoners (with a charitable donation).

We decided to offer our phytonutrient rich range of salads, desserts and cold-pressed juices and shots to more Londoners spending time at home. So, now South-East Londoners can order from Junius via ordering platforms Feedr and Deliveroo.

Lastly, we have made the decision to move our own business online so we can continue to operate during this lock down.

Educating people on the science of food has always been so important to me as an Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) practitioner that we will combine a nutrition information platform with a shop offering healthy food and drink choices for nationwide delivery. That’s why the new Junius online platform you now see here up and running offers free nutritional information as well as delicious drinks comprising cold-pressed juices and shots for delivery. So, it’s at this exciting time of business change. We hope you enjoy joining us on the #JuniusJuiceJourney!

Stay Alert & Stay Safe – Maria King, Junius Co-Founder, MSc Personalised -Nutrition . Maria is certified from the Institute for Functional Medicine . She is a BANT registered Nutrigenetic Counsellor.