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Collaboration with Dalton Wong, TwentyTwo Training

One of co-founders, John, met celebrated performance coach Dalton Wong through his professional work in wellness a few years ago.

Dalton Wong’s work is very aligned to the principles of what John is doing at Junius. We connected on the level of all things healthy in wellbeing and are now delighted to be working together.

It’s our privilege to connect with Dalton’s prestigious performance coaching business Twenty-Two Training based in Kensington London.  

Twenty-Two Training really understand the benefits of nourishing the roots of health for dynamic exercise and recovery.

The Junius offer helps as our customised range has nutrients bursting with health benefits and understands complex systems of the body.

Our food and drink is underpinned by functional medicine teachings, which understands the imbalances across the different systems of the body.

Visit Dalton’s Twenty-Two Training website for more information on his coaching sessions and exercise equipment.
Today we are delighted that Dalton is now recommending Junius juice and London food boxes to his clients. 

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