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How Vitamin D can support your immune system

The omnipresent Coronavirus has led many of us to look for ways to boost our immunity. In the sixth of this series, with Maria’s expertise as an Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) practitioner we look at how can you support your immune system in light of the Coronavirus:

“Continuing this series, I look at the immune supportive power of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D has been shown in research to enhance immune system function, help to reduce the growth of viruses, and reduce upper respiratory infections.

This is good news during this current COVID-19 pandemic when we really want to be prioritising our immune health even more so than usual. How can you increase vitamin D? It was a long dark winter for us in the UK, so now we are lucky enough to be enjoying bright, sunny days, think about getting out into the sun as much as you can; aim for 5–30 minutes of sun exposure at least twice a week. You can also increase food sources of small amounts of vitamin D, which include wild salmon, mackerel, fresh tuna, sardines, liver, and egg yolks.

If you want to supplement with vitamin D we strongly advise getting your current levels tested before you start to supplement to check your current levels and then supplement accordingly to get your levels into the optimal range. Let’s hope the sunny weather continues as it does make lockdown easier.” . . .

Stay Alert & Stay Safe – Maria King, Junius Co-Founder, MSc Personalised -Nutrition . Maria is certified from the Institute for Functional Medicine . She is a BANT registered Nutrigenetic Counsellor.