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How to use Zinc for good immunity

The fear of COVID-19 has led many of us to learn how to support immunity. In the fourth of this series, with Maria’s expertise as an Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) practitioner we look at how can you support your immune system in light of the Coronavirus:

“Continuing this series, I look at the power of good immunity with Zinc.

Various research papers have shown that zinc may be protective against many viruses and reduce the risk of lower respiratory infection, which is of significant interest to us during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Zinc can affect our sense of taste and smell and loss of taste can sometimes be indicative of a deficiency in zinc. It’s important not to be deficient in zinc at a time like this and the good news is that you can increase your body’s stores of zinc by increasing the following zinc-rich foods in your daily diet; organic & grass fed red meat (beef, lamb, venison), shellfish, whole grains like brown rice, buckwheat & oats, egg yolks, green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, potatoes, nuts and seeds. So have this list to hand when writing your next weekly meal plan!”

Stay Alert & Stay Safe – Maria King, Junius Co-Founder, MSc Personalised -Nutrition . Maria is certified from the Institute for Functional Medicine . She is a BANT registered Nutrigenetic Counsellor.