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Can I drink alcohol and coffee while on a cleanse?

Can I drink alcohol and coffee while on a cleanse is a question often asked when it comes to juice cleanses.

At Junius we advocate eating a diet rich in the nutrients essential for supporting the liver to do it’s wonderful detoxifying work everyday, all year round, such as quality proteins, plenty of dark green leafy vegetables, and plenty of other quality sources of fibre such as whole grains, beans and pulses. However, some people may find that doing a short juice cleanse every now and again can be beneficial for them personally.

If you are taking some time to take pressure off of your liver and digestive system by way of a juice cleanse then it is best to avoid alcohol and caffeine during this time for best results.

Why should you do this?

Alcohol and caffeine are broken down and detoxified by your liver and so during a juice cleanse, whilst your intention is to remove any burdens from your liver, it’s most beneficial to avoid any alcohol and caffeine.

Also, alcohol and caffeine can cause irritation to your delicate gut lining which is likely to be heightened in the absence of food that may have otherwise been able to provide a buffer between the alcohol or caffeine and the gut lining. So again, whilst you are aiming to reduce any pressure off your liver and gut it’s best to remove these substances whilst you do that!

So to answer the question of “Can I drink alcohol and coffee while on a cleanse?” our professional opinion is “no”!

Whilst our juices and shots are not intended to be meal replacements they can provide supportive nutrients to help your body to thrive whether you are doing a juice cleanse or using our juices and shots as part of your daily routine in addition to whole foods.

If you are choosing to do a juice cleanse the full Junius range has got you covered. Your body is made up of several inter-connected systems and our range of seven pillars helps to re-balance these. The 7 Junius pillars help target these systems by providing products that contain the specific nutrients that help nourish the systems in the body.

Our individually formulated cold pressed juices and shots are handcrafted in small batches and immediately bottled, giving us complete quality control and you the best product possible, making them the perfect choice for your juice cleanse. We use a powerful stainless-steel hydraulic press to extract every last drop of pure juice from fresh fruit and vegetables to create our unique formulations.

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