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In this current climate there’s never been a better time to take ownership of your health and wellbeing, and make a shift towards prevention rather than cure, by feeding the roots of your health.

If you’ve been part of the Junius community for a while you’ll know well that we have sorted our uniquely formulated juices + shots into 7 colour-coded pillars, allowing you to choose your juice or shot according to your health goal on any given day or period of time. We are soon to launch a small carefully selected superior quality supplement range to enhance each of the pillars. This gives you the option to super-charge your pillar experience, and what’s great too is that the supplements can also be mixed and matched across the 7 pillars.

So if you want to build your defences and resilience today (and all year round!) our orange pillar ZAP provides nutrients that can support a healthy functioning immune system.

What are the benefits of juicing?

Junius Co-Founder & Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner Maria says:

“The nutrients from juicing are rapidly absorbed into the blood stream, nourishing every cell. A well-formulated juice recipe provides your body with a concentrated dose of phytochemicals (powerful plant nutrients with various and far-reaching health benefits). There are some concerns over sugar levels in juices and this is why at Junius we carefully formulate each recipe to ensure minimal fruit content whilst maximizing vegetables and other hero nutrients. Juices make a great addition to an already healthy diet and lifestyle”

Meet some of the hero nutrients in our ZAP (Resilience + Armour) juice + shot; Zinc, Carrot, Red Chilli, Ginger, Orange and Apple are blended together in these immune supportive drinks. 

Research shows that zinc may protect against viruses and reduce the risk of respiratory infection & the complications that can come with it. It’s important not to be deficient in zinc in the current climate so grab your stash of ZAP juices + shots to start building your defences.

“Great little shot with a good hit from the chilli – delivering a great punch” Nourish 2019 judging panel

So if your health goal is Resilience + Armour choose our ZAP range and stock up on these amazing juices and shots, delivered to your door (UK wide).

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